The SushiClub Concept

SushiClub means top level cuisine. Renowned as the unmistakable referent for sushi and asian cuisine trends, we are able to transmit pleasure and sensuality on every rendezvous, thanks to combinations of exclusive and vanguardist flavors.

Our Mission

To make SushiClub a place associated with living well: By offering our clients premium quality creative sushi, innovative and dynamic cuisine, in a vanguardist and relaxing environment, through a professional and anticipatory service.

Our Product

SushiClub brings an excellent product, in a careful and professional framework of quality of service, and accomodates its premises in strategic locations with a personal design, which conform its identity and transform each visit to SushiClub into a unique experience.


Our History

In mid-2001, when the biggest economic crisis of Argentina was about to reach its climax, the idea of SushiClub was born. Given the prevailing situation, SushiClub's inauguration was materialized at a small restaurant in the Martínez neighborhood, one of Buenos Aires's top residential areas.

The quality of the offered product, the workmanlike and familiar attention given to the clients, together with a proper and adequate ambience, soon helped imposing the "SushiClub" style, welcoming in its tables the most famous celebrities and characters of fashion.

As a consequence of the achieved success, from 2002 on, began a process of expansion that culminated with the opening of new restautants in the most distinguished gastronomic centers of Buenos Aires and its suburbs. During its expansion, the brand developed a perfecting of the procedure manuals to give birth to the franchising programme.

Thanks to the affluence of public from all over the country and foreign tourists, SushiClub opened its doors in the most important cities of the country and in the main touristic points with season-long branch offices.

Besides growing along Argentina, SushiClub looked forward to an international development which began with franchises in Spain, followed by Paraguay and Mexico, all the way to the US with the inauguration of its first restaurant in one of the most exclusive areas of Miami: Coral Gables.

Aware of the international potential of its world-unique concept, SushiClub executes an ambicious plan of expansion and keeps taking into account new proposals.

Press & Advertising

SushiClub advertises very insensively, performing campaigns in different types of media such as high circulation and specialized magazines, journals, TV, theaters, radio, public roads and the Internet.

For any information regarding SushiClub, you may contact the Marketing Department through our contact form.