SushiClub is the main Argentinian sushi gastronomic company that operates through a both national and international franchise system. The excellence in the product, the style of its ambience and the workmanlike service provided to the client make SushiClub a unique experience. SushiClub has been able to understand the gastronomic market running always ahead of its needs, offering a quality product, with propietary pieces and flavors adapted to each country's culture.

SushiClub in the world

In the franchise playground, it was able to successfully transmit and reproduce its concept rapidally expanding its restaurant network. Today, it counts with 35 branch offices distributed in the main cities of Argentina and in countries like Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico and Spain.

Keys to success

  • õMarket leader, cutting edge brand.
  • õDistinctive mark of the gastronomic circuit.
  • õMore than thirteen years of experience that bring confidence when choosing an offer.
  • õRenowned brand, trend creator and opinion moulder.
  • õExclusive and innovative gastronomic offer.
  • õCulinary excellence, quality of service and careful ambience.
  • õRestaurants strategically placed in select gastronomic centers.
  • õIntensive advertising, synergy with clients.
  • õPresence in the most exclusive events.

Business Units:


SushiClub counts with high-tech equipment; a carefully selected and educated staff; the best raw material elaborated according to strict procedure manuals; and an ambience that stimulates the senses and generates a unique experience.


SushiClub also offers its delivery service with a distinguished packaging system, giving the client the same product quality he would get at his favorite SushiClub restaurants.

Catering and Events

The Events & Catering service that SushiClub has designed avails a structure in such way adapted and counts with provable experience to bring a first level service in all kinds of events, be it private, corporate or great scale.

Franchise system

Passion for SushiClub led the directory, managers and operations staff give their best to perfect, develop and enhance the business, image and efficiency of our sale points. The important acceptance obtained by the SushiClub model, motivated the company to develop a franchise system, for which it contracted one of the most internationally renowned firms specialized in all of the aspects regarding that system.
Currently, the company counts with a specialized system in all of the processes related to the operation and functioning of the franchise, capable of transferring a business model with attractive economic benefits from the start line.

The services brought to our franchisees include:

  • õCounseling about the choice of the premise.
  • õCounseling about the project and construction direction.
  • õCounseling about design and ambience setting.
  • õCounseling about staff selection.
  • õAdministrative and operations staff training.
  • õHanding of operations and normative manuals.
  • õArchitecture normative manual and SushiClub recipes manual, amongst others.
  • õCounseling about merchandise supplying.
  • õTranslation of conditions negotiated with providers.
  • õOperational and communicational support when opening a new restaurant.
  • õSupport in the operations, product, marketing and design areas.
  • õPeriodic counseling and supervision.
  • õPeriodic menu updates.
  • õPresence in radio and graphic and tv media.
  • õThe benefits that belonging to a leader brand gives.

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